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Arizona Appaloosa Association

Dedicated to the preservation, improvement & promotion of the Appaloosa!

"Be Spotted On The Best Or Blend With The Rest"

Officers and Board of Directors

2021 AAA Officers

  •  Roseann Sweet
  •  Kathy Turner
  •  Teresa Jalbert
  •  Shannon Wilson
  •  Loralea Daniel
  •  Karin Ramos
  •  Kate Kennedy
  •  Linda Gilgosh
  •  Kaitlin Bowen

2021 Board of Directors

  • President: Roseann Sweet
  • Vice President: Shannon Wilson
  • Treasurer: Kathy Turner
  • Secretary: Linda Gilgosh

Board of Directors Meetings

All club members and non-members are invited to attend AAA board meetings.

AAA BOD Meetings are usually scheduled every other month.

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